North York Modernist Heritage Forum: Website and Video

If you’re interested in issues around post-war suburbs and Modernist architecture and heritage, you might be interested in a recent forum held by Heritage Toronto.

Along with several other speakers, I presented on the cultural landscapes of Modernist high-rises. The purpose of my presentation was to say that cultural landscape qualities should be considered as park of Modernist high rise heritage, not just the building architecture. Consideration of the landscape of the towers will be important if tower neighbourhood renewal proceeds.


Here’s the link: North York Modernist Heritage Forum

There’s a video of all of the presentations, in order. I’m at 1:00:45, if you’re interested.

About Laura Taylor

I'm an associate professor and graduate planning program coordinator in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University. I am a planning consultant, too. This blog is to share my research on the politics of nature and the negotiation of landscape values in the city and city planning, with a keen interest in the urban-rural fringe and exurbia.
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