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Book launch

Here’s the link to the book, now available from your favourite book seller! Green Sprawl

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Landscape and the Ideology of Nature: Green Sprawl edited by Kirsten Valentine Cadieux and Laura Taylor Routledge, release date November 15, 2012 “Green sprawl” is our label for exurban residential development. In the book, we explore how important the ideology … Continue reading

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A note to Neil Smith

September 30, 2012 Dear Neil, I’m writing this for you to read when you have a moment, after getting settled in whatever the hereafter is. I have to believe that you’re somewhere as all your energy and passion couldn’t just … Continue reading

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What LA is doing about climate change

Making changes to mitigate and adapt to climate change are just good planning. Check out this article discussing the addition of park space to less-affluent areas, using sales tax to support transit, and more. LA’s mayor talks about making very … Continue reading

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Exurbia: living large in the countryside

Just going through my photos and have to share some of my favourites. I took these a couple of years ago hanging out the window of a very small plane. They are to the east and north of the city … Continue reading

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The Atlas of Suburbanisms

If you wonder what makes our society suburban, you will find this new resource endlessly interesting. Making use of census data on cultural traits related to the suburbia, the website includes maps, commentary, links and lots of food for thought. … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes in Queen Street West, Toronto: an urban design analysis of Rush Lane

For an assignment in an urban design course, graduate student Claire Harvey prepared a short video in support of her block analysis. I felt that this was an outstanding presentation of an exploration of a space. The use of photos … Continue reading

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Building the next generation of Toronto’s infrastructure

Good ideas for Toronto infrastructure. U of T’s Matti Siemiatycki offer five great principles to shape approaches to building Toronto’s future infrastructure.–building-the-next-generation-of-toronto-s-infrastructure

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Tower Renewal Workshop March 2011

If you’re interested in contemporary urban revitalization, you’ll be interested in the challenges faced by the Toronto region in upgrading the apartment buildings from the 1960s. Home to many Torontonians, the 50 year old rental buildings are needing major upgrades, … Continue reading

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A Natural Fix for Ireland’s ‘Ghost Estates’

A Natural Fix for Ireland’s ‘Ghost Estates’. For a fascinating glimpse into how the real estate collapse in Ireland redefined its countryside and what some people are trying to do about it.

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